Gabriel Loidi
(Gabriel Loidi)

He has written music for different chamber groups and for piano (three “Quartets” for string quartet, “Elegy” for string chamber orchestra, “Dance of the Birds” for two clarinets and cello, “Fantasie”, “24 Preludes”, “Miniatures” and “Woodland Scenes” for piano solo, “Galerna”, a symphonic poem for orchestra, etc). He has also composed a Piano Concerto and “Lamiaren Heriotza”, for string trio, harp and flute, which was performed on May 2005 by members of the Tenerife Symphonic Orchestra in Tenerife. In 2005, he played his own piano music at Sigyn Hall in Turku, Finland; at Chillida Leku, during “Quincena Musical” of San Sebastián; and at Juan March Foundation, Madrid, for a series of concerts about Spanish piano music. During the same series, the pianist Gustavo Díaz-Jerez performed for the first time his work “Woodland Scenes”.

In August 2007, his piece “Epílogue” for harp solo, was played for the first time. He was commissioned to compose this piece by “Quincena Musical” of San Sebastián, to pay tribute to the famous harpist Nicanor Zabaleta. In 2009, the piano duo Aristizabal-Barandiaran premiered at Eresbil, the Basque Music Archive, his work “Scenes of Power”. At the same concert series, his Piano and Wind Quintet was premiered by the Enoff Quintet, with the composer himself at the piano.

During the 2009 “Quincena Musical” of San Sebastián, the Kratos duo premiered his sonata “Piacell” for cello and piano. In 2010 Rosa Torres Pardo performed two piano pieces in a homage recital to the poet Luis Rosales at the Teatro Español in Madrid. In December 2013 the Bretón Quartet premiered his third string quartet in the Ciclo Alicante organized by the CNDM.

The next premiere will be the Oboe Quartet, dedicated to the great oboist Juan Manuel González Lumbreras,on April 2015 at the Orquesta de Euskadi Hall, with Javier Lecumberri as soloist.

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