Sonata for cello and piano
(Partitura Piacell)
Ensemble Cello and piano
Duration 14 minutes
Composition 2009
Premiere 2009, Quincena Musical, Donostia
Audio Duo Kratos - Eros Jaca, Hugo Sellés Live recording
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Just as words are not poetry, sound is not music. It is difficult to trace the border from which a succession of sound on time become music. Perhaps when sound becomes the voice of the being, we can call it music. Rilke could not say more when he finished his Elegies than “The Elegies are”. They are the voice of the Being.

Of all the classical instruments, the cello is perhaps the one that expresses best the human being, when speaks from the depth. Many composers have used this instrument to express inner and truthful sentiments. In the sonata Piacell, I have tried to compose a chamber piece in essence, in which there is a permanent dialogue between the cello and the piano. It starts with an introduction, followed by a movement of variations, a slow movement and a Finale. All the movements are developed from the same thematic material. Apart from the chamber essence, I have had in mind where the instruments sound at its best, both individually and in combination and withot introducing arbitrary sound effects. So we could say there is a development from the first note of the introduction to the last note of the last movement. Without the support of any extra-musical elements, “Piacell” is a piece of absolute music.

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