Lamiaren Heriotza – Death of a Lamia
Quintet for flute, harp and string trio
(Partitura Lamiaren Heriotza)
Ensemble Flute, harp, violin, viola, cello
Duration 10 minutes
Composition 2004
Premiere 2005, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Audio Members of the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra - Live recording
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In Basque mythology, the Lamias are beautiful women with blond long hair, daughters of the goddess Mari. They seduce men, who walk alone inside the woods, but this loves always end tragically.

“Lamiaren Heriotza” is a Fantasie with three themes of contrasted sentiments, associated to the three characters of this legend: the Lamia, the Knight and the Death. The three of them are introduced successively at the beginning of the piece. First, the theme A appears, sensual and playfull. Then the cello introduces theme B, the Knight, with an ascending motive that the other instruments imitate. In the theme of the Death, a series of chords with the harp in fortissimo sounds like bells.

Later themes A and B reappear varied and developed. After the harp plays the first theme, both themes appear superimposed. After a section where the strings in pizzicato try to escape from the Death, the three themes appear superimposed. In the end, the Death imposes its power and catches the Lamia.

The Quintet is dedicated to the Croatian composer Milena Perisic.

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